Custom Home Offices
in Scottsdale AZ

Quality Materials Manufactured in North America

Premium Construction for a Luxury Feel

Environmentally-Friendly & Non-Toxic

Create a Space You Feel Productive In

Whether you work from home part or full time or simply need a place to focus and work on projects, an organized and clutter-free environment is crucial to a productive day. If you have a tiny spare room or a large open area, our designers will develop a concept that checks all the boxes.

Office Storage Solutions


Custom Desks








Filing Systems




Integrated Lighting


Charging Ports


Murphy Beds

Questions You’ll Go Over With a Home Office Designer

What kind of work do you do? Will you require a complex computer set-up, or do you need more space for drawing, sketching and building?

Will you need a space for filing documents or a bookcase for a reference library?

How many people will be using your home office?

How many outlets will you need for your electronic devices?

Do you prefer more cabinets or drawers for your office storage?

What colors do you want to incorporate into your design?

We’ll work together to design the perfect office – a place that you’ll feel relaxed and organized in so you can be productive and free of stress from clutter. With an almost limitless number of styles, colors, and layouts, you’ll be able to create the home office of your dreams.

Why Choose Desert Sky Closets for Your Office Storage Solutions in Scottsdale?

We’ve been designing custom closets and organization systems for years, serving homeowners in the Greater Phoenix area with exceptional consultative and design services that help them visualize what their spaces can become.

Our hassle-free, no obligation consultations allow us to assess the space in your home and determine the best solution for your individual needs and wants. Our 3D software allows us to bring our concepts to life, giving you a chance to see it for yourself and make adjustments.

Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime

Every organization system comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured you’re getting nothing but the best products and service from day one.

Get the Home Office You’ve Always Wanted

No matter what you have in mind, we want to know! Desert Sky Closets is ready to bring your dream to life and help you work better at home. Schedule your complimentary consultation with a designer today.

We serve all of the Greater Phoenix area.